Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands (abbreviated to KCSportNL) aims to strengthen the impact of sport through better use of knowledge and to increase the level of knowledge about sport and physical activity. More knowledge leads to better interventions, more effective programmes and a more competent workplace in sport and physical activity.

KCSportNL works for professionals and volunteers who are looking for extra expertise in the area of sport and the activation of people. This does not mean that KCSportNL works exclusively for the sports sector. It is one of our priorities to make sure that knowledge about sport and activities also reaches governments, healthcare professionals, labour unions and employer organisations, national or regional knowledge organisations, and other public organisations and businesses.

More about the organisation

KCSportNL is an independent knowledge institute and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS). We collaborate on sport and on other areas with the sectors’ most relevant knowledge institutes. KCSportNL is a member of a number of international networks, such as Tafisa and HEPA, and participates in European cooperation projects.


Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands

KCSportNL not only collects information and data, but also makes these available to a large audience: our website (in Dutch only), for example, provides the answer to a wide range of questions, such as: ‘What can I do to help prevent injuries?’ or ‘How can sport and health care prevent obesity?’.

We have organised meetings and events on top sports and grassroots sports. Over the year, we have published reports and developed programmes on a wide range of topics. From tips and tricks to engage adolescents in sport during puberty to programmes that focus on sport and PA for disabled people. Furthermore, we are responsible for issuing Sportfolio, which can also be found in the English part of our website.

Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands is a knowledge institute that works on the basis of these principles:

  • Demand-orientated knowledge is key: we develop knowledge based on needs and demand from governments, professionals and volunteers from everyday practice.
  • We fulfil our knowledge role by collecting, validating, enriching and disseminating. We collect and weigh knowledge from everyday practice and scientific research. If necessary, this knowledge is enriched and then consequently made available to professionals in a ready-to-use fashion. In this way we prevent people from reinventing the wheel over and over again. KCSportNL makes effective approaches available in a database.
  • We connect practice, policy and theory: we improve implementation in practice by effectively connecting knowledge from practice, policy and theory. We collect questions from policy and practice and connect them to theoretical insight, both domestic and foreign and vice versa.
  • KCSportNL supports others in the dissemination of knowledge. We see knowledge as the end product of information, experience, skills and the attitude of the professional. We invest in all these aspects in our work.
  • KCSportNL is working with others to develop and disseminate knowledge. We aim to be a reliable and valuable partner to organisations both within and outside the area of sport. KC Sport will join forces with them as much as possible.
  • Topsport Topics is a special part of the knowledge centre. It enhances the use of new scientific information for elite sport. This team of scientists also answers questions of coaches from the Dutch elite sport programmes. This supports the ambition of the Netherlands to be in the Top 10 of sport countries worldwide. Topsport Topics items are available in our knowledge platform Alles over Sport (Dutch only).

Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands

Find publications in the database for Sports and Physical Activity. The database contains both Dutch as English publications. For English publications you could also try this specific google search engine.

Knowledge Centre for Sport cooperates with partners in Europe in several EU-funded projects. By cooperating with partners on global or European projects, we aim to strengthen and deepen our knowledge. More information on EU funding for Sport. (see: for more information on possibillities).

On international level, Knowledge Centre for Sport co-operates on a bilateral basis with organisations.