The European Sport Model for Inclusion

This document corresponds to the second phase of the InSport Project – Output 2: Development of a Proposal for a European Model for Inclusion – which includes proposed guidelines for a European model of inclusion in sport, which can be carried out to other European countries. Thus, the key aims of the study were as follows:

  • On the one hand, present and analyze the main models of inclusion in sport at international level and in the EU, the status of inclusion at Sport Policy level, the status of inclusion at the level of the Sport System and the Structure of Organized Sport, the status of inclusion in the scope of Sport Participation;
  • On the other hand, to present proposals for the development and implementation of the European model for inclusion in sport, in the municipalities, education, sports clubs and health sector.

The model and the Guide for its implementation focus on persons with disabilities – because is crucial to stimulate regular sports practice for all, regardless of gender or physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological and social condition – and aged from birth to the age of 35 – because it´s important to promote physical activity in the early ages as well as the maintenance of regular physical activity through major life changes, such as university or labour market entrance.