The European Sport Model for Inclusion

Considering the results obtained in Output 1, which provide data on countries and Europe, we conducted a brief literature review about disability and sport. The desk research consisted of an analysis through official policy documents and papers, legislative and policy frameworks, academic publications, available data and information.

Thus, first points of the analyzed information are presented and some recommendations have been prepared. The extended version of the proposals is submitted at the end (in the following tabs).

“In the annexes are presented all the detailed data regarding the analysis carried out in the fundamental part of the results presented below.” 

It should be noted that the specific focus of the study focuses on local and close to the citizen framework structures (where they live and develop their activities) with particular emphasis on Governmental Entities (Local Authorities for Sport, Education, Health and Municipality) and non-governmental part, the sports associations (sports clubs as the base unit that can ensure proper framing and participation). The structure is framed in different geographical dimensions (National, European and International), according to three dimensions, namely the Political Sports System, the Organizing Structure of Sport and finally, access and sport participation. The latter serves to focus on addressing the problem of overcoming barriers and obstacles to access and participation.