The European Sport Model for Inclusion

The second phase of “INSPORT PROJECT Sport Inclusion – Full Participation in Sport by Persons with Disabilities” covered by Output 2 has two major objectives. First, the design of the European Model for Inclusion in Sport and the second is the construction of Guide(s) for Implementation of the European Sport Model for Inclusion.

The assumptions for the design of both the Model and Guide(s) are targeted to persons with disabilities (congenital or acquired) aged from birth to 35 years of age. The intervention will be at local level and the local authorities of the Education, Health, Municipalities sectors and the non-governmental part, the Sports Clubs.

The work is structured in three parts: the first one called “The genesis and evolution of the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the structures of organized sport” which aims to determine what is the current international and national model of sport for persons with disabilities (based on the genesis, evolution and future trends); the second phase is the presentation of the proposal for the European Sport Model for Inclusion and the third part is the proposals of Guides for implementation of the European Sport Model for Inclusion, for the four sectors.