The European Sport Model for Inclusion

The main objective of the InSport Project is to promote full participation in sports for persons with disabilities. In this way, a set of actions and outputs are proposed that constitute as guidelines of knowledge of the current situation and the creation of support materials that are considered essential in the promotion of sport for persons with disabilities.
In the first phase of the project, there was a need to collect and analyse at national and European level the role of sport for persons with disabilities and to reveal what is considered to be good practice in promoting sport for persons with disabilities.
All project partners have been involved in this guide, which brings together all their input.

Thus, output 1 of the project, Analysis of National Inclusion and Good Practices in Sport for Persons with Disabilities aimed:

  • to diagnose and support the current situation of the countries involved in the project in the context of the inclusion of persons with disabilities in and through sport and physical activity.
  • to develop a teaching guide to clarify concepts and to diagnose best practices in terms of models for inclusion in the European Union member states of partner organizations.

In the structure of this guide, a brief theoretical framework on the subject is presented, the methodology used is described and the analysis of the results obtained in the questionnaires is developed.

It should be noted that the exhaustive presentation of the results of the questionnaires is presented in output 1 which has been published.

This guide will be crucial in guiding and organizing the project and its actions, focused on extensive and detailed data collection on issues that all project partners considered most relevant for collecting and analysing. For this, the collection and selection of good practices in partner countries were carried out, and their procedures, strategies and methodologies are described in the following chapter.

In parallel, it was also considered relevant to prepare an introductory project document and description of all the partners involved in this project (which was published), which complements the project framework.