Guide with the analysis

At the national level, governments are the main source of funding of the different dimensions of sport – paralympic, high competition, regular competition, sport for all, sport for all-education, sport for all-health, sport for all-clubs, sport for all-municipalities and the private sector. Secondly, the greatest financial support is provided by public / private consortia and, finally, private investment. As identified in the good practices questionnaire, most of these initiatives are co-financed by private and public funds.

It is worth highlighting the great interest of private investors in elite sport and high competition, perhaps, for the commercial interests associated with visibility, marketing and return on investment.

With regard to public funding from the government, there is a higher ratio in the number of elite sport to sport for all, which seems to go against the goal of promoting a more active and healthier lifestyles, promoting physical activity in all sectors (clubs, education, municipalities, health), combating sedentariness. On the other hand, the public / private consortium invests in in all sport dimensions.