The main objective of the InSport Project is to promote “full participation” in sports for persons with disabilities.

In this way, a set of actions and outputs are proposed that constitute guidelines of knowledge of the current situation and the creation of support materials that are considered essential in the promotion of the sport for persons with disabilities.

This sixth output intends to describe the actions to accompany and promote the participation of people with disabilities in sport.

Thus, throughout the output, actions are described that can be implemented as promoters of inclusion in and through sport, as well as accompanying / monitoring the participation of people with disabilities in regular sports facilities – with a checklist identifying obstacles to participating in sports activities.

This type of activities and recommendations can be carried out with any type of sport and physical activities, however in the examples are some pictures referring to: play and game, traditional games, swimming and boccia (as in output 3).

These tools can be replicated and applied in a wide range of countries, in order to promote equal opportunities in sport and broaden the network of stakeholders.